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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maybe Tuberville has the Alzheimers?

You know, I got to thinking, didn't LSU win a national title a couple years back before Nick Saban left for the Dolphins? Turns out my brain still remembers a few things every now and again (including the fact that they crushed UGA twice that season). LSU did in fact win the BCS Championship in January 2004 over Oklahoma, 21-14. Maybe I'm confused here, someone help me out. During the 2003 season, LSU was a member institution of the SEC, right? And part of the Western Division (also home to, I dunno, let's say Auburn) to be precise. And the game they won, the Sugar Bowl, was part of the BCS, right? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was. Wait wait wait. I'm still confused. An SEC team, from the west division no less, won the BCS Championship in the last 5 years. But how is that possible? I mean, if you listen to Coach Tommy "Whack-a-do" Tuberville, it isn't possible. Apparently, LSU didn't actually win their national championship, which explains why the universe hasn't imploded. Or maybe the more logical explanation is that they DID win a national championship 3 years ago, meaning it's entirely possible for an SEC team to get into that game, and that Auburn's head coach is a total cry-baby, whiney-pants, nut job. And to add injury to insult, a brief fact-checking mission turned up the fact that Tennessee won the BCS crown after their 1998 season. Huh. Two SEC teams have won the BCS since its inception. The only other conference than can say that is the Big XII. The SEC hasn't even sent the fewest teams to that game. That dubious honor belongs to the Big 10, probably for all the same reasons that Coach Whiney is crying foul about regarding the "toughness" of the SEC. But do you see the Big 10 teams complaining? No. You see them busting their asses in practice to prepare for upcoming games and then beating the snot out of each other on the field in the hopes of claiming a Big 10 title an earning a trip to the coveted Rose Bowl (BCS game or not). Maybe if you'd spent more time preparing your team and less time grandstanding, you wouldn't have gotten waxed by Arkansas and would likely be #2 in the BCS right now. So, with all due respect (little though it may be), shut up and get back to work Coach.


  • I'd like to point out that Florida was the only team to beat LSU during their championship season.

    Tuberville is a snatch. I'm now hearing reports that he had extra crowd noise piped in over the speakers at the Florida game. This coming from reporters who were at the game in the press box. Whatever, just don't whine about BCS crap unless the season's over, you've gone undefeated and aren't playing in the championship game.

    By Blogger m├Ątt, at 10/18/2006 7:25 AM  

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