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Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 7 Recap

Coach Whiney is at it again. As I said before, yes, there are BCS issues, but that's not really the point. I love that Tommy was up in arms until they got stomped by Arkansas, then he shut his yap. Now that they've beaten UF, he's up in arms again. Does he make some good points? Sure. A 1-loss team can be better than an undefeated team. But I'm pretty sure that come Selection Sunday, the teams in question are going to be Michigan and Ohio State. They both look invincible and yet one of them has to lose to the other. I think either team would obliterate Auburn. So while Tubby makes a good point, it's somewhat moot given that Florida, Auburn, Tennesee, UGA, LSU, or Arkansas is not one of the two best teams in the country. I think the first 3 on that list could school USC if it makes you feel any better... If anyone has a beef, it should be the Big 10 right now since it's unlikely to get both Michigan and Ohio State into the championship game when I think they're clearly the two best teams in the country. By the way Auburn, the best way to get an SEC team into the national championship would have been for you to throw the game against Florida. I'm just saying. Moving on.
On the flip side of best, you have Miami. Everytime I think they've hit rock bottom, they find a new way to dig themselves a deeper hole. Read the quotes by Miami players and tell me they're not the most conceited assholes since FSU's Chris Rix. An all-out brawl? With FIU? Really? So maybe FIU started it. Maybe. But Miami's the "better" team in a more prestigious conference. How do you let it escalate into players clubbing each other with their helmets, stomping on unprotected legs with their cleats, kicking guys on the ground in the face, and so on. Shame on you Miami; shame on you FIU. 3 fights in 7 games for the 'Canes? This isn't hockey people! Based on the precedent set by the Clemson/USC brawl, I think Miami should voluntarily remove themselves from bowl consideration. FIU won't have that problem, but I'm sure we can cook up some punishment. The players most involved have already been suspended, currently for at least one game. That seems like barely a slap on the wrist. You could have killed someone, I vote you don't get to play the rest of the season. There's no place for that kind of crap in college football, and a message needs to be sent to reinforce that. As for Coker, he's probably a goner in Coral Gables. The only way to keep his job next season was probably to win an ACC Championship this year or at the very least go to a good bowl game and win it. But with a number of starters out next week, they'll be vulnerable against even Duke, and if the suspensions are extended, they'll have a time time the following week in Atlanta. A loss to the Jackets would virtually shut out Miami from any ACC title discussions. Meanwhile, the Sunbelt needs to dole out some similar sanctions. Perhaps in the form of pulling scholarships. Enough of that. You guys know what happened, we'll wait and see what the final fallout is.
I have to laugh at UGA for a second. Losing to Vandy, for homecoming? Suckers. They've had a couple other close calls, like when the Buffs came to visit. UGA and USC are very similar. It's only a matter of time before someone knocks off USC. They're vulnerable and it's going to happen.
Props to BC for taking out VT, making an ACC championship appearance for GT more likely. Unfortunately, I still don't think we know how good GT is yet, and this Saturday will be the biggest test of the season, especially after a bye week. Also, give it up for Rutgers, who absolutely dominated Navy to move to 6-0. What's up with the Big East? Even I thought they were a bunch of washed up nobodies a couple years ago, but here they are with 3 undefeated teams and a genuine shot at keeping all 3 in the top 15 at season's end. Dear Big East: do you want Miami and VT back? They kinda suck now and we don't want them anyone. Signed, the ACC. P.S. We're keeping BC. How is it that none of the ACC's "power" teams are even ranked, while Clemson, GT, BC, and WAKE FOREST, are? As Emily said, we might have stepped into some sort of alternate plane of existence where sports are backwards. I mean, the Tigers are going to the World Series, what more proof do you need?


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