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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In case you were wondering

For all the GT fans, and those who just dislike Notre Dame, I thought you might be interested to know that they've come in at #50 with a score of .736 in the rankings.


  • So for all the GT fans, where did we come in?!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/07/2006 9:31 AM  

  • Well, keep in mind that by virtue of being week 1 and losing, we're going to be in the bottom half. We're ranked 92 with a score of .139683. Probable wins over Samford and Troy the next two weeks should help us a lot though, even though Samford isn't I-A and Troy will eventually end up sucking. But look how highly ranked Troy is right now - that should give us an early boost back into the top 35.

    By Blogger Adam, at 9/07/2006 10:24 AM  

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