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Friday, August 04, 2006

Full Disclosure

Who am I and why do I get to tell you what I think about where teams should be ranked? To answer the second part of that first, because the 1st Ammendment says I can, and because I've been watching college ball for a long time and every year there's controversy about the rankings and every year I say to myself, "how hard can it be?" So this year I'm going to do my own rankings and discover just how hard it can be. As for the first part, I'm a (soon to be senior) systems engineer for a defense contractor in the DC Metro area. I have a BSEE from Georgia Tech. I've never played any kind of organized football, just pick up games with friends. Most of my football games this season will be watched on a 46" Samsung DLP HD projection, including the poor quality grainy ones that Raycom/JP broadcast, and the games of unknown origin that appear on ESPN Gameplan. However, all that watching, exciting as it is, should be somewhat irrelevant. Once the season starts, my formula will be locked, so no amount of my own personal agenda or preferences should have any impact in the rankings (at least not any more than in the original design). For example, left to my own devices, UGA would always be somewhere near the bottom of the pile, Tech would always be in the top 25, and all else being equal, an ACC team would take precedence over any other team. That being said, you shouldn't see any of that occuring other than by natural process. For more on what kind of rankings you might expect, stay tuned for my next post that covers what my previous post said this post would cover. If case anyone is interested, I'm a huge GT fan, followed primarily by the other ACC teams, then Iowa (they're the perpetual underdog aren't they?) and Penn State (no one loves that wacky old man with coke-bottom glasses more than me and no one could have been sadder the day Bowden surpassed him in total wins, or happier last January when JoePa's Nittany Lions handed F$U an Orange Bowl defeat), then Michigan (with numerous Wolverine alumni in the family, I was brainwashed with numerous Rose Bowl appearances at a young age). I hate UGA, F$U, Notre Dame, and Ohio State, more or less in that order. I started watching football, growing up in this area, the year the Skins won the Super Bowl, and then became a die hard Niners fan. For years I looked forward to the NFC CHampionship matchup between S.F. and Dallas more than the Super Bowl. I started watching college football my freshman year at Tech under Heisman canidate Joe Hamilton. That was all it took and now I couldn't care less about the pros and am only interested in college ball. I'd be happy to elaborate if anyone's intersted, but for now, I think that's just about enough about me.


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