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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Bowl Game Connundrum

I forgot to mention in my last post the issue of bowl games. Presumably, after the regular season is complete, there would be one set of rankings, adn then after the bowl games there would be another. At first I was concerned that this might skew the final rankings because of how teams are matched up against each other. But then I thought that this is probably no different than some teams playing conference championships while others do not. Let's take USC and Texas last season: both were undefeated, and pre-bowl game USC led Texas by a tiny tiny margin. Obviously, the Longhorns win over the Trojans would vault them into first place, but I'm concerned that USC might fall to 4th place or something, which may or may not seem right. I'm also concerned about having only 1 undefeated team play for the national title, lose, and still end up in first place above another 1-loss team that beat them. This obviously seems wrong. But is it? Why does 1st place have to hinge on a single game? What if you had one undefeated team and the next best team had 3 losses? If the 3 loss team beats the undefeated team in the Championship game, does that make them a better team over the entire season? I doubt anyone would be willing to argue that point. In any case, I'm going to just go ahead and let the rankings speak for themselves this season, including for bowl games. I never said the system was perfect (in fact I've pointed out numerous reasons that it isn't), so we'll just see how things play out and go from there. Only a little more than 3 weeks until the first kickoff!


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