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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Updated Championship Game Prediction

Update 1/7/17 3:34 pm: Erm... Well this is embarrassing... My spreadsheet I use to auto-generate these predictions has an error in it where data is being pulled from the wrong place for the record of opponents played, which is affecting all the defensive numbers seen below. Something about Alabama allowing ~32 points per game seemed very wrong. The underlying data used for generating rankings is correct, it's just my web generator that's screwy. Stay tuned, and update will be posted later once I fix the calculator. The parts below I believe to be affected have been striked.

CFP National Championship Game (FINAL) presented by AT&T
Tampa, FL - January 9, 2017 - 8:00 PM
#1 Alabama loses to #2 Clemson by 2.1013
TeamAlabama (14-0)Clemson (13-1)
OFFENSE raw (sos-scaled)
PPG39.357143 (71.771686)39.5 (74.023)
YPG460.928571 (840.549343)503.142857 (942.889714)
TCPG1.357143 (0.2394)1.857143 (0.234)
DEFENSE raw (sos-scaled)
PPG31.928571 (5.6322)29.214286 (3.681)
YPG401.071429 (70.749)419.071429 (52.803)
TFPG1.357143 (2.474886)1.285714 (2.409429)
EFFICIENCY (ref: 7pts/80yds)
PREDICTION raw (sos-scaled)
Score34.285714 (37.726343)35.714286 (39.8276)


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