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Monday, December 05, 2016

Watch That First Step

It's a doozy! All the talk the last couple days has been who's in and who's out of the playoff. Even if you think Western Michigan has no business being ranked as high as they are by this system, take a look at the score distribution and how sharp the dropoff is among the first few teams. You could make a case for a 6 team playoff I suppose, though under these rankings, Big T(wel(ev))en champ Penn State would still be left out in favor of Michigan. Expanding to 8 would get you the B1G champ and Big XII champ Oklahoma as well, meaning all 5 Power 5 champs get in, the top Group of 5 team, and 2 wild cards. It's a bit more equitable, but a lot of years, there's just aren't enough strong teams to justify that many games. And this year, other than a conference crown, there's not much difference between Oklahoma and Boise State. In fact, there's actually a bigger gap between #1 and #2 than there is between #8 and #16. Power is most definitely concentrated at the very tippy top this year.


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