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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blame it on Matthew

When compiling the bowl predictions, I noticed some anomalies in the data regarding team records, specifically that something like 20 teams had only played 11 games this season. I could see where 2 teams maybe played 11 games due to major weather problems and schedule conflicts, but that many teams missing games meant something was wonky. During week 6, the Army/Duke game, played during Hurricane Matthew, was missing its team stats in the imported data set from ESPN, which isn't something I usually check for since it almost never happens. As a result, the data for other week 6 games following that one were ignored by my importer tool, resulting in the missing game data for so many teams that week. I've gone back and patched the Army/Duke game manually and re-run the numbers for every week of the season just to be safe. I've only update the week 15 rankings posted here, since at this point, the previous rankings aren't all that important. I've also update the bowl game predictions based on this newly updated set of data.


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