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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Week 1 Top 25 (Stabilized)

UPDATE (9/11/16 2:34 PM EDT): Hawaii was "double booked" in week 1 (games vs Cal and Michigan a week apart, but both logged as week 1 games), so there were some data collisions that have been resolved. Miami's name changed from Miami (FL) as in previous years, which is now resolved. The below rankings have been updated to reflect what I believe is the correct data for week 1.

Take the following with a very large grain of salt. ESPN rejiggered the data feed I'm using to supply my numbers again, so I've updated it somewhat on-the-fly while on vacation. I know for a fact that games involving Hawaii aren't getting counted correctly at the moment, but will remedy that as soon as I can, and will do a more thorough sanity check of all the other data as well.




Previous Rank

Score Change
11.0Alabama (1-0)10.0
20.967241Ohio State (1-0)40.049246
30.952007Clemson (1-0)2-0.010441
40.935755Houston (1-0)3-0.01277
50.924715Western Kentucky (1-0)60.039805
60.875987San Diego State (1-0)130.043061
70.866078Navy (1-0)70.011991
80.863254Iowa (1-0)110.026953
90.853563Stanford (1-0)90.006822
100.839142Baylor (1-0)140.026109
110.837107Michigan State (1-0)8-0.013919
120.832541Michigan (1-0)190.051912
130.830357Toledo (1-0)150.018899
140.824462TCU (1-0)12-0.011792
150.817164Florida State (1-0)210.048382
160.814059Oklahoma State (1-0)220.051872
170.799468Utah (1-0)250.046222
180.799185Wisconsin (1-0)180.016846
190.788625Georgia Southern (1-0)320.075657
200.778236Boise State (1-0)280.042319
210.774882Georgia (1-0)240.016173
220.755219Tennessee (1-0)290.021222
230.752912Florida (1-0)310.033807
240.751118BYU (1-0)350.048369
250.734284Memphis (1-0)300.009073

Table breaks indicate gaps of at least 0.015 between teams. Gaps used for illustrative purposes may vary week to week, but are intended to group together teams in similar tiers.


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