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Friday, September 03, 2010

Cupcakes are delicious

...especially the ones from Red Velvet that I will enjoy on Saturday while watching DI-A power teams (yes, my alma mater included) make a mockery of scheduling by playing cupcake teams of their own. Sure, every so often an Appy State rises up to dethrown a Michigan. But the reality for most DI-AA teams is that they're just lambs for the slaughter. What have we seen already? Based on yesterday's games, here's some appalling numbers.

Average Victory Margin:
  • Home team: 22.39

  • Winning team: 24.72

  • DI-A over DI-AA: 30.73

  • AQ-Conference Team over DI-AA: 37.5

  • AQ-Conference Team over DI-A: 16.67

  • A couple notables:
  • Out of the 18 games (all hosted by a DI-A home team), the home team only lost 3 of them, and all 3 losses were to another DI-A team.

  • The smallest margin of victory, 1 point, was between 2 DI-A teams, neither of which belonged to an AQ conference.

  • 5 teams got blanked, losing by an average of 37 points.

  • Devil > God, as the Demon Deacons obliterated the Presbyterian Blue Hose. Shame on Wake for pummeling a team that went 0-11 last year without even playing a DI-A school.

  • Give Minnesota and Pitt credit for for scheduling not only an DI-A opponent, but agreeing to play in their stadium. Of course, Pitt was awarded a loss for their trouble, and Minny almost shared their fate in Murfreesboro. I'm not giving USC credit for playing Hawaii in Honolulu, because lets be serious, we'd all like to play our opening game on a tropical island with a rainbow overhead regardless of the opponent.

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