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Monday, October 19, 2009

In Good Company

I generally try to refrain from gushing too much about my alma mater, but I can't stress enough how important Saturday's win over Virginia Tech was for both this season and for the program in Paul Johnson's second year with the Yellow Jackets. The win makes GT bowl eligible and keeps us in position for a shot at the Coastal Division title if we win out.

Current bowl-eligible teams:
Georgia Tech (ACC)
Texas (Big 12)
Pittsburgh (Big East)
Cincinnati (Big East)
Iowa (Big T{elev}en)
Penn State (Big T{elev}en)
Central Michigan (MAC)
TCU (Moutain West)
BYU (Mountain West)
Florida (SEC)
Alabama (SEC)
Boise State (WAC)
Idaho (WAC)

That's a pretty impressive list of teams to be a part of. Let's make another one. This time, let's list each team that is currently averaging 200+ yards on the ground

Nevada, 292.83
Georgia Tech, 281.57
Fresno State, 279.67
Air Force, 279.29
Navy, 279.00
Florida, 259.83
Auburn, 247.29
Michigan, 235.00
Alabama, 229.29
UAB, 229.00
TCU, 225.00
Army, 222.57
Mississippi State, 219.00
Iowa State, 213.86
Virginia Tech, 203.71
Oregon, 202.67
Stanford, 201.14
California, 200.50

Again, a pretty substantial list of power football teams. Of that group, in terms of total rushing yards, no one is within 200 of Georgia Tech, except for Navy and Air Force. All three programs run option-based ground games. Coincidence? I think not. And Georgia Tech has a higher yards-per-carry average than either team, and this is only the second year we've been running this style of offense. The only other school to average 280+ yards on the ground? Nevada, and I think it's fair to say that Georgia Tech has played a tougher schedule to date. The NCAA says their SOS ranks 106 where GT is 29.

That's all I have to say on the topic. Anything more would ruin any shred of impartiality I still have. Plus karma's a bitch, and there's that pesky Charlottesville Curse (haven't won at UVA since 1990). So any more gloating on my part is probably a sure-fire way to doom the Jackets this weekend. At any rate, I thought they put together a solid game against the Hokies and was impressed by the current company they're keeping. Still a long season to get through, but I think the toughest opponents are behind us.


  • This stat is a little gimmicky since GT doesn't pass much (only Navy and Air Force have fewer attempts), but the Jackets have the highest yards/attempt at 11.57. VT is the only other team in double digits at 10.03. GT also sports, by far, the highest yards/completion at 23.73. Again, we don't pass much. Only 4 teams have less than 100 attempts or 45 completions: GT, Army, Navy, Air Force. The difference between GT and the service academies? We blow their yardage numbers out of the water. Thanks DT8!

    By Blogger Rev. Adam, at 10/21/2009 5:46 PM  

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