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Monday, January 07, 2008

Postseason Wrap

My picks are a pathetic 19-13 (~59.4%) this bowl season. And of those I picked correctly, only 12 (37.5%) covered the spreads (if you can even call 1 or 2 points a spread) I took wild guesses at. Turns out that I'm probably not the one to listen to for making winning picks (surprise surprise).
Congratulations to all the winners and to the losers who played admirably, gave it their all, and were just outmatched. Shame on those teams who should have rolled and instead rolled over and died.

Coach of the year: Mark "Mayor McCheese" Mangino
They have the same initials and roughly the same physical characteristics. But Mayor McCheese never led the fry-kids to a season anywhere near the year Kansas had.
Runners-up: Sylvester Croom, Jim Leavitt, June Jones

Traitor of the year: Rich Rodriguez
Runners-up: Bobby Petrino

Most Valuable Player: Dennis Dixon
Just look what happened when Dixon went out with a torn ACL at the end of the season. And that was after already injuring himself, and still wanting to play. If the Ducks' subsequent implosion doesn't tell you how much of a contributor Dixon was, nothing will.
Runners-up: Tim Tebow, Matt Ryan

Comeback of the year: Michigan
After being left for dead following consecutive losses to eventual I-AA three-peat champion Appalachian State and a better than anticipated Oregon team, Michigan went a a tear, winning 9 in a row before dropping their finale to Ohio State and Lloyd Carr along with it. And after all that, the seniors who came back to win a championship that would never be decided to win one more for Carr and for themselves with a manhandling of last year's championship Gators.
Runners-up: Al Groh

Embarassment of the year: Notre Dame
Everyone expected some drop-off after Ty Willingham's best recruits were finally out the door, but I don't think anyone expected the kind of season the Irish fielded this year. Certainly Nebraska took their lumps too, but the Irish are a more-storied program and suffered a much bigger fall.
Runners-up: Nebraska, Hawaii's Sugar Bowl performance

Most puzzling decision of the year: June Jones leaving Hawaii for SMU
I've been to Dallas and I've been to Honolulu, and I have to say, this one makes no sense to me whatsoever. Hawaii. Texas. Beautiful lush island paradise. One of the favorite filming locations for COPS. You leave a program in their prime for a once-glorious place that hasn't amounted to anything since the NCAA removed their entire football program for a year. It's not like you have an easier path to a BCS game coming from CUSA or a better chance at a national title. I mean, I guess Jones is quitting while he's ahead, but damn.
Runners-up: GT attempting a 60+ yard field goal against Georgia after a sack moved the line of scrimmage from the 37 to the 44.


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