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Friday, November 17, 2006

January Bowl Game

You know, I was just thinking about how everyone is always striving to get a January bowl game. That doesn't mean what it used to with the International Bowl on the 6th and the GMAC on the 7th. And it's not like we need another bowl. But I want to start my own bowl. This shouldn't be news to anyone who remembers my ill-fated Crap-hole Bowl, played in Detroit, and featuring the two worst teams that year. Look at it this way, it probably guarantees that someone will get their first win of the season, and that's a pretty nice holiday gift. Or there's my less-ill-fated Beltway Bowl, based in Washington DC. Fedex Field is pretty nice, right? That would probably feature a Big East vs ACC (at least based on georgraphical proximity). Are you a venture capitalist? Call me - we'll do lunch. But my new idea is for a bowl literally called the January Bowl. I don't even care who plays in it or where it's located. I just like the idea of having a bowl game that, for comedic effect would be played in December, named after the thing that all teams aspire to. Or hell, call it the National Champion Bowl. I'm telling you right now, get the National car rental people on the phone with the people at Champion athletic wear. That's ratings gold right there. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't get into marketing. Then I remember that I have a soul and that I'm not a very good liar.

January Bowl, National Champion Bowl, Crap-hole Bowl, and Beltway Bowl names and concepts are intellectual property of Adam Bever. Unauthorized use is subject to a stern talking to in an engineer's attempt at legalese.


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