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Friday, November 17, 2006

Dropping like flies

What a week... Michigan's legendary coach passed away today. UNC announced their new coach. North Texas fired theirs but was then coerced by a booster to rename the athletic facility his donation had paid for in the departing coach's honor. FIU's coach resigned. FSU's OC resigned without telling any of his players, making his announcement appear cowardly rather than heroic. Instead of taking the fall for dear old dad, something akin to taking a bullet from a sniper's rifle trained on the President, he wrestled the gun away from the sniper, didn't consult his peers to decide what to do with the gun and assailant, and then shot himself in the foot with the gun. A simple "I know you love my dad as a coach, so I'm quitting so he can carry on as your coach" to the guys before telling the whole world would have been sufficient Jeff. Maybe that was too much to ask. Speaking of too much to ask, with FIU's coach leaving, I still can't help but think about how it is that Coker still has his job. How is it that the butt of every Div I-A football joke (that doesn't involve Temple or Duke) is taking this more seriously than a supposedely top-rung program in a BCS conference? In case you've forgotten, FIU dismissed players and suspended severla indefinitely, some of which still haven't been back on the field. Meanwhile, at Miami, only one player has a suspension longer than 1 game, and he's suiting up this weekend. Not a single Miami dismissal despite the helmet-swinging and cleat-stomping. Oh, and Coker gets to keep his job (so far). Who the hell is Coker? Sure, he won a National Title, but he did it with someone else's recruits. How's his program with his own recruits and his own schemes doing these days? I hope they don't try to blam the rest of their crummy season on Pata's death. I mean, I feel bad for the players to lose a teammate, but your year was in the crapper long before that happened, so don't you dare use that as a crutch. All I'm trying to say is that FIU and the Sunbelt has much more class and integrity than Miami and the ACC. Kudos to them for doing the right thing without any prodding and shame on the 'Canes and the ACC for still not doing the right thing. Sticking to your guns (pun definitely intended) is great, but when you're wrong, being stubborn won't make you any less wrong. Okay, I think I'm done with my soapbox. Not to be outdone by all the coaching hooplah, JoePa is going to at least be at Beaver Stadium this weekend, even if it's not on the sidelines, and doctor's orders be damned. Leading scorer Ian Johnson is out of the hospital after being treated for a collapsed lung. I wouldn't expect him to play this weekend, but you never know. He's still got two years of eligibility, so if he stays healthy, he's still a strong contender for a Heisman in coming years. Ainge is back in the Vols lineup as starter after missing last week with a sprained ankle. Colt McCoy's x-rays came back negative and that's the last I've heard about his hand. Should be an interesting weekend. Hopefully the loss of Bo will fuel the Wolverines to victory over the hated Buckeyes.


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