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Monday, January 12, 2015

Updated CFP Championship Prediction

Now that we know for sure who's playing in the inaugural CFP championship game tonight, and we have 37 more games worth of data from the previous bowl games and semi finals, I re-ran the numbers for Oregon/OSU matchup. Oregon may have leap-frogged the Buckeyes based on performance thus far, but the SOS-scaled prediction still says that OSU has the edge, although by about 2 fewer points than before.

CFP National Championship Game presented by AT&T (FINAL) CFP Championship Bowl
Arlington, TX - January 12, 2015 - 8:30 PM
#1 Oregon loses to #2 Ohio State by 4.4954
TeamOregonOhio State
OFFENSE raw (sos-scaled)
PPG47.214286 (70.744375)45 (75.57102)
YPG552.857143 (828.383451)509.714286 (855.991744)
TCPG0.714286 (0.358309)1.642857 (0.526772)
DEFENSE raw (sos-scaled)
PPG20.857143 (10.46261)19.642857 (6.298364)
YPG384.214286 (192.734181)304.571429 (97.659001)
TFPG1.714286 (2.568631)2 (3.358712)
EFFICIENCY (ref: 7pts/80yds)
PREDICTION raw (sos-scaled)
Score33.428571 (38.52137)32.928571 (43.016815)


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