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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week 9 Notes

  • Week 9 rankings will be posted after the UCF@Southern Miss game tonight.

  • The postponed BYU@SDSU game has been rescheduled for Week 14, and the game will be added into Chaos Rankings accordingly at that point.

  • Florida - what the hell? How do you own the Dawgs for so long and then just let them walk all over you.

  • Ridiculous stat of the week belongs to Toledo in their 70-21 dismantling on Northern Illinois. The Rockets racked up 812 yard of offense and committed a measly 2 penalites for 20 yards. U(sic)GA racked up more penalty yards than that on their first score.

  • Hawaii may be undefeated still, but they also own the weakest schedule in IA. Even newcomer Western Kentucky, who has played 4 non-IA opponents, has a tougher schedule. That's just sad. Though with a whole mess of teams ahead of Hawaii losing this weekend, they're likely to find themselves in a position to reach a BCS game.

  • Ohio State and Kansas are the only teams to have allowed less than 100 points so far this season. Ohio State and LSU are the only teams to have given up less than 2000 total yards so far. And everyone thought this would be a rebuilding year for the Buckeyes.

    • The Gators have to let Georgia win every once in a while in order for it to still be a rivalry.

      By Blogger m├Ątt, at 10/29/2007 9:48 AM  

    • Yeah, I guess you're right. And it's not like I have any room to talk since Gailey still hasn't beaten our arch-rival in Athens.

      By Blogger Adam, at 10/29/2007 11:55 AM  

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